Eileen Alber

Member Artist

"I see everything through artist eyes.

Whatever subject matter I am drawing, painting, photographing, or art quilting; I become immersed in it for awhile. I work it to death, until I am completely satisfied...then I Iet it go.

I am heavily involved in the art quilt world. I have created more than 150 pieces in the last seven years, and it still has its grip on me. It is even more challenging to compose and create with fabric, than to draw a face in watercolor and ink...

I have enjoyed exhibiting at many juried shows, and my latest award is from the Yosemite Renaissance XXIX.  Formerly living  in Thousand Oaks, California for 30 years, I now reside in El Dorado Hills,Ca. I am halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

I thrive on inspiring and boosting other artists into the spotlight.  Teaching workshops, lecturing, and creating commissions; 'it’s all good.'”



Cheese: Inspired by Dean and Deluca
38" x 55"
Hornet's Nest

Hornet's Nest: Sun and Moon Shapes
25-1/2" x 15"

Cicada Prom Night

Cicada Prom Night
21-1/2" x 54"